Facilities and equipment

Harold Crabtree Aqualab:

Aquatic animal holding and experimentation facility with freshwater and seawater supplies.  Computer controlled temperature and photoperiod with banks of holding tanks which can be independently manipulated.  There are also multiple suites for experimental manipulations as well as a tide chamber for studies related to the famous Bay of Fundy tides.  Facilities are available for use by external researchers.

Physiological equipment:

  • Fish surgical cart with integrated recirculation/ventilation system, LED lighting, and boom-mounted dissecting microscope with digital video capability.
  • Loligo 30L swim tunnel respirometer with temperature and oxygen control capability.
  • Qubit Q-Box Aqua static respirometry system with temperature control.
  • Qubit mitochondrial / cell respirometry system (x2)
  • Qubit Q-Box Aqua dual channel zebrafish respirometry system.
  • ADInstruments Powerlab 8-channel data acquisition system.
  • ADInstruments PowerLab 4-channel data acquisition system.
  • Transonic Systems ultrasonic flow meter and probes.
  • Grass P55 AC pre-amplifier for electrocardiography experiments.
  • Impedance meter for ventilatory impedance studies.
  • Physiological pressure transducers.
  • Light microscope with integrated digital video camera (used in Daphnia magna heart rate studies).

Biochemical / analytical equipment:

  • Malvern ZetaSizer Nano ZS dynamic light scattering instrument
  • Spectronic Unicam UV1 6-cell UV/visible spectrophotometer
  • Molecular Devices SpectraMax 190 UV/visible microplate reader
  • Wescor 5500 vapour pressure osmometer
  • Corning 925 chloride analyzer
  • WTW Oxy dissolved oxygen meter
  • HemoCue hemoglobin analyzer
  • Fisher Accumet AB15 pH meter

Supporting equipment:

  • Fume hood and solvent cabinets
  • VWR and Lauda 6 L recirculating refrigerated water baths
  • Liquid nitrogen dry shipper and dewar
  • Aeration and circulation pumps
  • Gilson Minipuls peristaltic pump
  • Incubation chamber
  • High temperature lab oven
  • Polytron tissue homogenizer
  • Wand-type sonicator
  • Eppendorf 5430r refrigerated centrifuge (2, 15, 50 ml tubes)
  • Eppendorf minispin microcentrifuge
  • 2x hot plate stirrers
  • Microplate shaker
  • VWR tube rotator

Comparative Biochemistry and Toxicology